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Not all tools are made equal. Those who do technical work with professional requirements know how important excellent tools are. So, for example, high-quality trowels, finishing trowels, or even filling trowels allow for precision during work and are tough, robust, and long-lasting. They also leave room for the proper amount of individualism and flexibility.

The Schwan tool factory has been producing masonry tools for 140 years. This experience, coupled with entrepreneurial vision, expertise, love for the details, and the constant search for innovation make normal tools into Schwan Werkzeuge. We place just as much value on German workmanship – “Made in Germany” – as we do on generating individual solutions.

We continuously work on increasing our corporate offer and service capabilities and are constantly taking our operational-technical flexibility into new areas. We use a variety of production methods, materials, and styles – we even produce unusual special models on request. With us, there are never compromises and concessions in terms of quality...

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Curious about more? Our production and sales range has been significantly expanded in the current version. Choose from over 8,000 items for the professional user.

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