History of Schwan Werkzeuge

Involvement down the generations in Hermann Schwandt's idea

Four generations have shaped the development of the Schwan tool factory. The company’s roots lie in Lüttringhausen. Listed back then as an independent city, this is where East Prussia native Hermann Schwandt started his own business. In 1884, he made his personal business idea a reality in the little city. He founded the Toolfabrik Hermann Schwandt (Hermann Schwandt Tool Factory).

From pocket-spring and ratio scales all the way up to bricklayer tools of premium quality

The start of production and operation was an impressive success. The Toolfabrik Hermann Schwandt was able to quickly make a name for itself as a manufacturer of ratio and pocket-spring scales. And that’s not all. The proceeds from production and sales enabled an immediate expansion of business activities and fields. In particular, the product of finishing trowels, brick trowels, and scrapers came into focus. In this way, the foundation had been laid for the rise to a renowned manufacturer of bricklayer tools from as early as the end of the 19th century. Nevertheless, the Schwan tool factory still had to overcome some hardships before the company reached its current degree of specialisation.

Strong women also directed the Schwan tool factory’s fate

Starting in the mid 1920s, the top management underwent change on a near ten-year rhythm. After the death of Hermann Schwandt, his wife Elisabeth took over management in January 1927. Only a few years later, she passed the sceptre on to her daughter Elisabeth Pohlig and her son-in-law Paul Pohlig. Under the couple’s leadership, the business was expanded to include production of woodworking tools and the sale of special tools for carpentry machines. The Second World War made for a massive succession problem: The owner couple’s son did not come home from the war.

The current company management

So that the factory could continue to manufacture tools, his widow took over company leadership as a proxy in 1956. After her passing, management passed to her sons, Udo and Ralph. During this period, the company once again developed rapidly, not least thanks to the successful business configuration. Ralph Pohlig, a qualified engineer, led the operational sector, while Udo Pohlig took care of company management. The executive duo was abruptly torn apart by the death of Udo Pohlig in 1996. Since that time the fate of the Schwan tool factory is guided by Ralph Pohlig as owner, Veith Pohlig as authorized representative, and Udo Haldenwang as chief executive.